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Hostwinds “My Invoices” Section

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Upon creation of an account, all Client’s will find that their Client Area will include a section entitled “My Invoices”. Below are details on how to better understand the layout and navigation of this section and how to review all invoices generated on an account. 

My Invoices Image

To get to this section, first, click on the “Billing” tab then the drop-down option “My Invoices.” The new page that would be presented would list all invoices on the account. This list would include the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Due Date, Total, and the Status. 

view hostwinds invoice
Example of the “My Invoices” page

Selecting any of these description icons will organize the column for you.  Selecting any individual invoice will display that invoice in full. With invoices that are unpaid, the option to pay the invoice will be provided. All invoices will have the option to download them as a PDF for record keeping. 

hostwinds invoice example
Example of an Invoice

What Is The Status Column?

The Status Column in your Invoice Section (on the left-hand side) will show the total amount of invoices per its Status.  This can be great to quickly glance at and see how many current bills are paid and/or unpaid.

Invoice Status Image

What Else Can I Do Here?

There are more features in your Invoice section under the Billing column.  These options will better assist you with billing functionality concerning your account.

Invoices Billing Column Image

  • Mass Payment:  Selecting this option will allow for an invoice that would allow for the total cost of all due invoices to be paid at once. 
hostwinds mass payment invoice
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  • Manage Credit Card: If you purchased a service with your Credit Card, the current credit card will be on file and displayed under “Current Payment Method Details”.  Hostwinds will only store one credit card on file at a time. Entering a new Credit Card will remove and replace the payment information of an existing Credit Card. 
  • PayPal Billing Agreements:  A PayPal Billing Agreement is a pre-approved automatic payment method that Hostwinds requires to be in place to pay via PayPal.  Clicking on this option will display the current agreement on file, or allow the creation of one by clicking on the “Create New Billing Agreement” button.
  • Account Credits and Add Funds: The entire Account Credit balance may be viewed from this page. This would include any account credit that had been purchased or issued by our Billing Team.  The ability to increase the funds is given by clicking on the “Add Funds” button. This will allow for an Add Funds invoice to be generated and once paid, the balance would increase. 

Invoice Add Funds Image

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