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Hostwinds’ Scheduled Maintenance Events

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Hostwinds ensures that our server nodes are always secure, and always running the latest updates on our nodes, including zero-day exploits. 

Whenever an upgrade requires a reboot of the node to apply the changes, these will be labeled as Maintenance Events, and clients who are impacted by a required reboot will receive a notice of this event.

Hostwinds Clients can view the Maintenance Event logs from their Cloud Control portal, from Logs -> Maintenance.

The events that your Cloud Server node is on, will appear here. This includes events and logs from prior to the server was on this node, meaning that you will see all maintenance logs that have ever taken place on the node that their server is created on.


hostwinds maintenance events


A visual of what these logs will appear as, can be seen above. The scheduled start time of the event, and the finalization of the event are both displayed.

You can click on the Description option, to view more information about the event that took place.


hostwinds event description


We never interrupt service for any of our client’s services unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to ensure the best experience, security, and reliability of their service.