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Hostwinds Support Pin

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Hostwinds now offers the ability for our clients to provide us with a Support Pin that is setup from the client area to provide support via LiveChat. This is just another layer of security we offer to keep your account, server and sites safe from unauthorized individuals who may try to impersonate you.

How Do I Setup my Support Pin?

You may be wondering how to setup your Hostwinds Support Pin so that we can assist you with basic issues without a support ticket. To set up your Hostwinds Support Pin, please follow the steps listed below.

Step One: Login to your Hostwinds client area

Step Two: Click on Hello, YourName! and select Edit Account Details

Showing the Edit Account Details location in the Hostwinds client area

Step Three: At the bottom of the page, set your 4 digit Support Pin, and save your changes

Showing the Support Pin location in the Hostwinds client area

Your Hostwinds Support Pin should now be set! Now when you call in or speak with one of our agents through Livechat, you can provide them with the Support Pin so that they can begin assisting you with basic issues.

You’ll still need to submit or confirm a ticket for requests such as:

  • Password changes
  • Cancellation requests
  • Removal of files
  • Modification of files
  • Billing requests
  • Reinstalls
  • Modifying account details
  • Requests that require us to modify a service in any way