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How To cancel services using a mobile phone or tablet
How To Use Alipay With Hostwinds Web Hosting Services
How does the Uptime Guarantee work?
Hostwinds My Invoice Section
How can you help with a double order?
How do I resolve a Chargeback or Dispute?
Can I Remove My Payment Method?
Is there Automatic Credit Card updating?
What is your policy for Cancellations?
How can I Tell if My Add-ons Need to be Canceled Separately?
What Is The Policy On Promo Code Use?
If I Upgrade/Downgrade Will I Keep My Promo Pricing?
I paid with PayPal but my invoice shows unpaid, what happened?
Does Hostwinds Accept eChecks?
Will I Be Charged After Canceling?
What is Anniversary Billing?
How do I Pay my Invoice?
What Payment Methods does Hostwinds Accept?
What Is A PayPal Billing Agreement?
Mass Payments
How Do I Download My Invoices?
What happens when there is an overpayment?
Why Am I Being Billed for an Inactive Service?
How can I tell if my PayPal Subscriptions is still active?
Can I Use My Friend’s Payment Method?
What Happens if I File a Chargeback or Dispute?
What happens if I cancel early?
Can I Put My Service on a Hold?
How Can I Disable Auto Renew?
What Can I Do About a Duplicate Order?
What Can I do About A Duplicate Payment?
How Do I Change Which PayPal Account I Pay With?
How Do I Change My Credit Card On File?
Why Was My Card Declined?
I Got An Error When Trying To Pay With PayPal, What Does It Mean?
Does Hostwinds Accept PayPal Subscriptions?
How Do I Find PayPal Transaction IDs?
I paid with Cryptocurrency but my invoice still shows as unpaid, what happened?
How Can I Change My Due Date?
What Happens If I Pay My Renewal Late?
Does Hostwinds Support Automatic Payments?
How Do Renewals Work?
What Happens If I Pay For A Terminated Product?
Can I Reactivate My Terminated Account?
How Do Your Prove Ownership of a Credit Card?
How do you prove PayPal Ownership?
How Are Refunds Issued?
What is an Add Funds Invoice?
What Is Termination?
How Can You Help With A Fraudulent Payment?
How Can I Use CryptoCurrency With Hostwinds?
How Can I Use Skrill/Money Bookers With Hostwinds?
How Can I Use Credit Cards With Hostwinds?
Why Did My Payment Fail?
How Can I Use Paypal With Hostwinds?
Account Credits
Why Have I Been Manually Held for Review?
How do Grace Periods Work?
How Long After I Request Cancellation will My service be Terminated?
What is Your Refund Policy?
How do I Cancel My Services?
How Can I Renew My Service Early?
How Can I Change My Billing Cycle?
Will Paying My Renewal Reactivate My Suspended Product?
How Do I Check My Renewal Date?
Will My Data Be Lost If I Can’t Pay My Renewal?
How do I stop Automatic Payments?