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How Can I Change My Account Password?

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During your time here at Hostwinds, you may wish to change your account password. We do suggest changing your passwords often to ensure you are the only one with access to your account and for our account security. You are able to change your password at any time from the Client Area of the Hostwinds website.

Where Can I Find The Option To Change My Password?

Step One: To get to the client area, you can either click the “Client Login” link at the top, or go here

Step Two: Once you have logged in you will have the ability to change your password.

Step Three: The option change your password. will be under the List that says, “Hello !” in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Change Password

What If I Cannot Login To The Client Area?

You would first need access to the account in order to change the Password. If you are unable to login to your Client Area for your account at Hostwinds, this would require a different procedure. To get your password reset so that you are able to access it, we have a guide here as well.

Okay, I Am Logged In, Now What?

Step One: After you have logged in, and are in the client area, you will be able to find the “Change Password” option in the menu.

Screenshot of the options to change password

Step Two: Once you have clicked on that link, you will be brought to a new page where it will ask for the current password of the account, and the new one you want to use.  

Step Three: Enter in your current password for your Hostwinds account (This would prevent someone from changing your password if you selected “Remember Me” in the past)

Step Four: Enter in the new password you would like to use

Step Five: This bar here will show you a calculated “Score” that your password has. This can be used to check how secure your password might be against Hackers.

Note the tips at the top that can lead to a stronger password

Step Six: Enter in the new password again to confirm that it is correctly entered in

Step Seven: Once you have filled out the required fields, press the Save Changes button, which will proceed to change the password for your Hostwinds account

Step Eight: Once that process has been completed, and the Changes Saved Successfully, you will now be able to login to your Hostwinds using the new password

If you should require any assistance, you can contact us in Live Chat or even by submitting a ticket.