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How Do Renewals Work?

Hostwinds is a subscription-based company, whichs means all of our services renew automatically on their expiration dates.  This is to ensure there is no disruption of services due to non-payment that may take your websites or services offline.  Renewals are automatic for nearly all products, as such you will find a renewal invoice will be generated Fourteen (14) Days before the new billing cycle starts on your products. 

The one exception to this would be Domains which will have their renewal invoice generate 30 days before they are due.  We also send out notifications 60, 30, 15, 7, and 1 day before renewal so that you are reminded if you wish to cancel the domain’s renewal, as by default they will automatically renew.


What Products Do Not Renew Automatically Or Can Be Disabled?


How Are Renewals Paid?

It would depend on the Payment Method that is tied to your account. If you have a payment method on file that supports automatic payments, like Credit Card and PayPal, your renewals will be paid automatically on their due date.

If you use a Payment Method that does not support automatic payments, you’d need to go to your Client Area and pay for the invoice manually.  This would be payment methods like Cryptocurrency and Skrill.


What If I Do Not Want To Renew?

As Hostwinds offers subscription-based services, the only way to prevent an unwanted renewal would be to cancel the product you do not wish to renew. You can learn more about cancelling, see our page on Cancellations.


Are Renewals Refundable?

Outside of our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, they are not. If you do not intend to renew a product, it is imperative that you cancel the product before the renewal date.


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