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How Frequently Does Hostwinds Run Backups?

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All shared hosting plans (including shared, business and reseller) plans are backed up nightly. However, these backups are disaster recovery backups, and not for individual use and only for recovery from any possible catastrophic event affecting the entire server.

For individually accessible backups, it would require the Web Hosting Cloud Backups add-on. With the add-on backups would be taken nightly. Additional information regarding the Web Hosting Cloud Backups for our hosting can be found here. For Cloud, VPS and Dedicated backups, these are done in Restic. More about the Restic backups taken can be read about here.

Our Technicians are able to provide Hostwinds clients with an individual backup of their service upon request by submitting a ticket. This will include the account in it’s current state so you can store  a copy locally on your computer.

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