Adding a New IP Address

Routed IP addresses to your server must be on your server before they can be used.  This guide will show you how to add an IP address to your pool.  The pool will be used for assigning static IP’s to new accounts.


How do I add a new IP address through WHM?


  1. Login to your WHM account
  2. Go to Home > IP Functions
    1. This can be located quickly by searching “ip” in the search box
  3. Select Add a New IP Address


Showing the Add a New IP Address location in WHM


  1. Add the IP Address in the New IP box or IP range to add text box
  2. Choose or type in a subnet mask from the dropdown box (for add-on IP’s will be
  3. Include any IP addresses you wish to omit in the IP’s and IP ranges to ensure they aren’t included in the New IP or IP range box
  4. Click the Submit button


Showing the Add a New IP address form in WHM



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