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How to Change Your Server’s Main IP

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With a Hostwinds VPS, your server comes with its own dedicated IP address. However, there may be a time where an IP address can no longer be ideal or usable for the situation. As such, we offer the ability to add multiple IPs to a VPS, as well as change which IP is your primary IP for a one time fee of $3.

In order to do this, you will want to do the following and have an IP that is non-hourly:

First: Navigate to your Cloud Control Panel and select the server instance you want to change the IP of.

Our guide on navigating your Cloud Control Panel can be found here.

Second: Click the Manage IP’s tab.

VPS Management

This page gives you a list of all IP’s assigned to your VPS, and lets you manage them however you deem necessary.

Third: Click the Change Main IP button that is located below the Manage IPs menu item on the right side of this page.

change main server ip

Fourth: Confirm the Change by pressing the Green Confirm button in the window that is presented

confirm change main ip

Fifth: The IP Address will be updated to a new IP address instantly

The system will remove your present primary IP, and replace it with another IP address with just a click of the button..

Add Another IP Address As Your Main IP

First: Click the Manage IPv4 Addresses to add an IP Address to your Server at any time

manage ipv4 addresses

Second: Click the IP Addresses dropdown and select the number of additional IP Addresses that you would like to have as a total number of IP Addresses. In this example, we have one IP and will select 2 IP Addresses ($2.00 /mo) to add one additional IP and click Confirm

add ipv4 address

You can add even more IP Addresses (and C-Class or DDOS Protected IPs) by selecting higher values and from the other drop down options on this page. If you want to add additional IPv6 addresses, go back to step three and click the Add IPv6 Address button instead and a popup will appear for confirmation on adding an additional IPv6 address.

This is the cost of adding an additional IP(s) to the server. When you click Confirm, an invoice for the new IP will be made. The invoice must be paid before proceeding to the next step.

Third: Click the Actions dropdown on the new IP and select Set as Main IP.

set as main ip

The primary IP of your VPS will be changed immediately changed and you can access your VPS by use of the new IP. Your Main IP is indicated by the IP Address with a  to the right side of the IP Address in your list of IP Addresses.

Hostwinds clients are able to do this more than once, there’s no limit, and you can continue to swap it out until you have an IP address that works for your needs. 

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