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How To Create A Hostwinds Account


Purchasing any service that Hostwinds offers gives you the opportunity to join the Hostwinds family. During checkout is when you are able to create your account. This is to ensure that you manage your account and have all of the support and services from your Client Area that you need to be successful.  An example below is shown of how to order new web hosting services.


Get Hosted Button Image
Shared and Business Packages



Order Package Button Image
Linux and Windows VPS Packages



Hostwinds Order This Server Image
Dedicated Server Packages



Selecting any of the buttons will proceed to a checkout screen for the product you just ordered.  The checkout page begins with “Account Information” and “Client Information”.   “Account Information” is required to not only create an account with Hostwinds, but also process the checkout of your product.  “Client Information” is highly recommended but is not required to process your order for any services other than a domain name registration. If you are purchasing a domain name for example, this will alleviate any issues with processing your order and will not be required to make further purchases in the future through your Client Area after it is entered here.


Account Checkout Information Image


Once the required information is filled out, and the selected products are purchased, your account will be created.  When your account is created, you will be able to log into your Client Area from anytime you choose, or just visit and use the link for Client Login at the top of the page.


ClientArea Image


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