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How To Find Your Dedicated IP On Shared/Business Plans

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You can find your Dedicated IP from within cPanel. You may need to find your web hosting account’s Dedicated IP Address for many reasons such as accessing FTP, pointing your domain’s A or other DNS records, viewing your site before pointing it to Hostwinds or various other reasons. In this guide, we will show you how to quickly find your account’s Dedicated IP Address as a Shared or Business Hosting client with Hostwinds. You will need to be logged into in order to follow this guide.

Find Dedicated IP Address

Step One: Select your hosting plan

click manage in hostwinds client area

Step Two: Click on Login to cPanel from the Actions tab on the left side of the screen

Step Three: On the right side of the screen, under General Information, you should see the Dedicated IP

Dedicated IP in General Information - cPanel

Step Four: On the right side of the screen, select Server Information if you do not see your Dedicated IP Address shown


Step Five: See Dedicated IP Address item under Server Information

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