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Enterprise Email Setup Guide

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How Do I Setup My Enterprise Email?

You can setup your Enterprise Email with Hostwinds by following the steps outlined below.

After completing your order, account details will be sent to you via email.  Refer to them throughout this guide to enter the correct information.


Note: In this example we’ll be showing you how to set up email through your Nameserver.


  1. Head to your DNS controls for your website
    a. For example, CloudFlare or where the DNS is controlled for your website such as your cPanel
  2. Login to your account where you’ll be making these changes
  3. Locate the MX record
    a. For cPanel this would be Home > Email > MX Entry
  4. In the MX Records choose the Destination you wish to edit and hit the Edit button
  5. Change the Destination to
  6. Save your Edit
    *Now Switch to the Hostwinds website*
  7. Login to your client area on Hostwinds
  8. Head to Services > My Service > View Details
  9. Enter the details to create a new username and password for the email accounts
  10. Save your user details
  11. To verify all works correctly press the Login to Webmail button
  12. Send a test email
  13. If successful you’ll be able to send an email