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How To Update Product Display Information As A White Label Reseller

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Product display information is what appears on your website when a client is wishing to order a service. This will generally be details of what the product entails, what all is included, and what differentiates the product from other products.


Locating Product to Edit

To locate the specific product information used for a product in your services, navigate to Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services.


Then select Edit Edit Icon on the product that you wish to update/view the product details for.

Edit Product Details


The Product Description is where you can update the details displayed, Hostwinds by default includes the details of the services that we use for our services, minus any Hostwinds branding.


You are able to adjust this information to whatever you wish, keep in mind that keeping your details accurate, and ensuring that the details appear correctly on your website, will be the best practice.


Store Dropdown


To view how the description looks on your website, navigate to your website’s WHMCS non-admin page, and navigate to the Store -> Product Group for the selected product.


This section is also where you are able to update the name of the Product, as it is displayed on your store’s website, and to clients from their client area.


The name can be updated under Product Name under the Details tab of the Product/Services Edit menu.