How To Upload Own ISO Image

If you already own a VPS, and want to upload your own ISO, Hostwinds makes this available to you in your Cloud Control > Cloud Portal.  If you are unfamiliar with how to locate your Cloud Portal, please review Cloud Control Overview.  Once in your Cloud Portal, you can follow these steps to change your created instance with a different ISO.


Step 1:  Select ISO’s under the Object Storage drop-down.  Then select the Add ISO button


Add ISO Image


Step 2:  Next, you will have the options to fill out your uploaded ISO.  This will include a description of the ISO, the URL in which the ISO can be downloaded from, whether to have the ISO be a bootable selection, and which data-center location the ISO will be uploaded to. For an instance in Dallas, the ISO will need to be uploaded to a Dallas Datacenter in order to attach, or use it, and vis-versa for Seattle.


ISO Description Image

You will then see two menus under the Storage-ISOs menu option, this being your attached ISOs, and your ISO library you have uploaded.

You can change the option from bootable/non-bootable for your ISOs, and have the ability to delete the ISO from the storage as well.


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