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How To Upload Own ISO Image

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If you already own a VPS, and want to upload your own ISO, Hostwinds makes this available to you in your Cloud Control => Cloud Portal.  If you are unfamiliar with how to locate your Cloud Portal, please review Cloud Control Overview.  Once in your Cloud Portal, you can follow these steps to upload an ISO that can be used to create new Servers or Reinstall a previous Server.

Adding An ISO File To Your Cloud Portal

Step One:  From the Cloud Portal, navigate from the top menu to Storage => ISO’s .

Cloud Control Storage ISOs Button Location

Step Two: From the ISO Management page, if you have no ISOs currently uploaded, there will be a button in the middle to Upload ISO, however the option will also be visible in the upper right regardless. Click on Upload ISO.

Cloud Control Storage ISOs Upload ISO Button Location

Step Three: After selecting Upload ISO, there will be a new Dialog box that pops up prompting for some information about the ISO.

Cloud Control Storage ISOs Upload ISO Dialog Box
  • Description – This should be a brief description or name for the ISO file. This will help to separate if you have more than one ISO file uploaded.
  • URL – This is the direct download URL to access the ISO file. Our system will use this to import the ISO file for use.
  • Bootable – This is a togglable option, which determines if the ISO file can be used to boot from with a Cloud VPS.
  • Location – This is the data center location where the ISO file will be stored. This should be the same location as with the VPS that is either being reinstalled with the ISO, or newly created with the ISO.

Once done filling out the necessary options for your ISO file, simply click on Add ISO.

Step Four: After the ISO is added, it will take a few moments to import into our system. This can depend on the File size of the ISO file. There will be a message at the top indicating that the import process has started,

Cloud Control Storage ISOs ISO Uploading Status

Once complete, you should see the ISO listed on the page similar to the following image,

Cloud Control Storage ISOs Your ISOs List Example

From here you can change whether the ISO is Bootable, as well as Delete the ISO File as well. Once the Status of the ISO is set to active, you will be able to select it during re / installation of a Cloud VPS in the ISOs Tab.

Any Windows OS or Microsoft SQL Web Server license must be created when ordering your server or reinstalling the OS. Hostwinds clients are able to use the Windows Server licensed images and Microsoft SQL Web Server licenses that Hostwinds provides and has made available for you to select when creating or reinstalling your server. This will include any applicable licensing fees.

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