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How To View The Request Log For Your Cloud Servers

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With your Hostwinds Cloud Server, we keep a log of all management requests that have been performed on your Cloud Portal. This information can be very useful if you need to troubleshoot a boot error or application error.

For information on the Cloud Control Panel, including how to navigate to it, see our Cloud Control Overview article for more details.

To view the management log for your instance, simply navigate to Account -> Request Log from within your Cloud Control Panel.

Account Menu

This page gives you a list of all management logged events on your instances from your Cloud Portal actions.

Cloud Request Log

This list gives you the status of each request, the timestamp for when they were received, the HTTP method they were received through, the action each request was for, any error messages in the requests, and each request’s unique ID.

By default, this list is sorted by request status. If you would like to see the most recent requests, click the title of the TIMESTAMP column twice to sort the request in reverse-chronological order.

Each request ID in the list is actually a link you can click to view more detailed information about the request from our request logging system, Kibana.


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