Increasing Maximum Number of Simultaneous Connections Beyond 10 in FileZilla

FileZilla is an FTP client that is commonly used to access files remotely. By default, the maximum number of simultaneous connections that you can have using FileZilla is 10. However, this can be changed by editing an XML file directly with a text editor.


Note: For the best results, we recommend that the maximum number of simultaneous connections should also be set to the same value on the server that you’re connecting to.


How do I add more than 10 simultaneous connections in FileZilla?

You can increase the maximum number of simultaneous connections by performing the following steps. Please ensure that FileZilla is open at this time.

  1. Select the File tab from the navigation bar located at the top of the FileZilla client where a drop down will appear when you click
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the Site Manager option 


Showing the Site Manager location in FileZilla


  1. From the Site Manager menu that’s now open, click on the “New Site” button
  2. Fill in the required FTP login information, such as Host, Port, Protocol, Logon Type, User, and Password…A brief explanation of these values are as follows:

      • Host: Your domain name or IP address
      • Port: The default FTP port is 21, and the default ssh port (for SFTP) is 22
      • Protocol: FTP or SFTP
      • Encryption: This should be set to “Use explicit FTP over TLS if available”
      • Logon Type: Typically this should be set to Normal
      • User: The username that you’re using to connect, this can be root or your cPanel username
      • Password: The FTP password for the user you’re using to connect


  3. Once you’ve entered in the FTP login information click the OK button


Showing the Site Manager form in FileZilla


  1. On your computer, open a text editor of choice as the Administrator or equivalenta. Note: I will be using Notepad ++ as the Administrator (This can be done by right clicking the application and selecting Run as administrator from the pop up menu)
  2. Open the sitemanager.xml file located here, replacing yourusername with your PC’s usernameC:UsersyourusernameAppDataRoamingFileZilla
  3. Locate the element labeled MaximumMultipleConnections
    a. Initiate the Find command by pressing CTRL + F
    b. Paste MaximumMultipleConnections into the Find search box
  4. You should see something that looks similar to this
  5. Change the value between >< to the value you’d like to use, for example, 20


Showing how to edit Maximum Multiple Connections for FileZilla using a text editor


  1. In the text editor, save the file, and exit
  2. Close and reopen FileZilla so the changes will take effect
  3. You can now connect to  the saved site by using the Site Manager icon located directly under the File option on the navigation bar 


Showing how to select a site using the Site Manager in FileZilla



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