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Installing CentOS 8 (SSD Cloud)

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As part of Hostwinds Cloud infrastucture, we offer a variety of different operating system images that are preconfigured to run on our SSD Cloud VPSs.

These images can be viewed and easily installed to a VPS through your Cloud Portal, which you can access by logging in to your Hostwinds Client Area, and navigating to Cloud Control -> Cloud Portal.

Cloud Portal Link

Creating a New Server

When ordering a new VPS, you can choose to have CentOS 8 be the operating system that is installed by default. This can be selected on the checkout page when ordering the VPS from, or by the following method through your Cloud Portal:

First, in the Cloud Portal, click the green Create button and select Servers from the dropdown menu to begin configuring a new server.

Create New Server

Then simply make sure that you select CentOS 8 under the ‘Select Server Image’ configuration option.

Operating System Selection

Scroll down to review and further configure your new server and complete the order at the bottom of the page. Once the order has been completed and paid for, the new server will automatically be provisioned with CentOS 8 installed and you will be sent a welcome email for the new server.

Reinstall an Existing Server

If you have an existing Cloud VPS, you can simply reinstall it to have CentOS 8 instead of its current operating system.

NOTE: this will reinstall the operating system of your server and any data on the server will be lost. If using this method to upgrade to CentOS 8, you will need to backup and restore any needed data. We highly recommend taking a snapshot backup of your server and downloading any files to your local computer from your server before continuing to prevent any data loss.

If your server is running CentOS 7 and are looking to upgrade to CentOS 8, but need to retain your data on the server, consider performing a direct upgrade from CentOS 7 to 8 once you have taken a snapshot backup of your server.

First, in the Cloud Portal, navigate to Servers -> My Servers and click on the nickname of the server you want to reinstall to manage it.

My Servers

Next, click the blue Actions button and select Reinstall from the dropdown menu.

Then, in the Reinstall popup, from the ‘Operating Systems’ tab, select CentOS and make sure that version 8 is selected from its dropdown. Then click Confirm.

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