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Why Do I Have an Invoice for Object Storage?

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If you have received an invoice for a product from Hostwinds that reads as “Object Storage”, you may be wondering what this is for.  Often these invoices are small and very random amounts, ranging from upwards of a few dollars or as little as $0.01.  These invoices can be very confusing at first glance, especially as they will often be charged at the start of the month rather than on the due date of your services, and will often change in price month-to-month.

This guide is designed to help explain what the Object Storage invoice is, how to view it, and how to prevent being billed again if you so choose.

What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is a format of data storage that manages data as objects rather than as files.  It allows the retention of unstructured data, and is commonly used by places like Facebook for pictures, Spotify for songs, and Dropbox for files.  We have a full Guide on What Object Storage Is and How to Access Object Storage if you would like to review further.

At Hostwinds, we store all of your Website and Cloud Server backups as Object Storage when you choose to add Shared Cloud Backups or Cloud Backups to your account. This gives you full access and control of your storage on our cloud infrastructure.  This prevents using your own disk space to store the backups taken, and allows the backups to grow in cumulative size as large as they need to be.  Since Hostwinds is storing these backups for you, we do charge for the storage of your backups when choosing to use this service.  The following is the breakdown for the backups services and their pricing:

Web Hosting Cloud Backups

Service Price: $3.00 USD per Month

Storage Rate: $0.000042386 per GB per Hour (Approximately $0.03 per GB per Month)

Cloud Server Backups

Service Price: $1.00 USD per Month

Storage Rate: $0.000042386 per GB per Hour (Approximately $0.03 per GB per Month)

What Do I Do If I No Longer Want Object Storage?

You can easily access your Object Storage Management from your Cloud Portal area at any time.  You can then delete the objects as you desire.  We have a helpful article on How to Delete Hourly Storage which covers how to delete your object storage in a quick step-by-step guide.

Please note that since Object Storage is billed hourly, there may still be a remaining bill for a number of hours during the current monthly cycle that will be due at the end of the month.  As we only charge you for the amount of space used, the Hourly Invoices are the only ones we send out at the end of the billing cycle, rather than the start.

If you no longer wish to have your Cloud Backups at all, you will need to make sure to Send a New Ticket to Billing to request the cancellation of your backups add-on.  This will prevent any new backups being created on your account.

You are able to view your Cloud Control Billing Overview at any time to see your Object Storage charges and rates

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