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Why Do I Have an Invoice for Snapshot Usage?

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If you have received an invoice for a product from Hostwinds that reads as “Snapshot usage”, you may be wondering what this is for.  The prices of these invoices can vary and appear to be random, ranging from upwards of a few dollars or as little as $0.01.  These invoices can be very confusing at first glance as they are often charged at the start of the month rather than on the due date of your services, and often change in price month-to-month.

In this guide we will explain what a snapshot is, break down the invoice pricing, and how you can manage any snapshots you have taken.

What is a Snapshot?

A snapshot is an entire back-up of your server and all of its configuration options.  This image includes how your icons are arranged, your current server settings, and what software is installed on the server.  Snapshots are very useful for performing server recovery, or if you need multiple servers configured in the same manner.  Remember that snapshots are different from backups; snapshots are not a copy of your the files, but instead an image of your server at the time the snapshot was taken.  This lets you recreate the server from that recovery point.  You can learn more about snapshots on our Guide to Snapshot Management.

At Hostwinds, we store all of your snapshots in our cloud infrastructure, and give you full access to manage them whether that means deleting them to using them as templates to spin up new servers.  This prevents using your own disk space to store the snapshots taken, particularly when you have larger servers that require larger sized snapshots, or have limited disk space available.  Since Hostwinds is storing these snapshots for you, we do charge for the storage of your snapshots when choosing to use this service.  The storage rate for the snapshots is $0.000042386 per GB per Hour (Approximately $0.03 per GB per Month).

What Do I Do If I No Longer Want Snapshots?

You can easily access your Snapshot Management from your Cloud Portal whenever you need.  You can then delete the snapshots as you desire.

Please note that since Snapshot usage is billed hourly, there may still be a remaining bill for a number of hours during the current monthly cycle that will be due at the end of the month.  As we only charge you for the amount of space used, the Hourly Invoices are the only ones we send out at the end of the billing cycle, rather than the start.

You are able to view your Cloud Control Billing Overview at any time to see your Snapshot invoices and rates

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