IP Management

Showing where to manage IPs in Hostwinds Cloud Servers


When the Manage IP’s tab is selected for an instance, it’ll display the present IPv4 and IPv6 IPs assigned to the instance.

You can manage your IPs, manage the rDNS for your IPs and add additional IPv4 and IPv6 IPs from this tab.


How to Add / Remove Additional IPv4 IPs

To manage IPv4 IPs, click on the button Manage IPv4 Addresses:


Showing the button to add IPv4 addresses in Hostwinds Cloud Servers


The default amount of IPs on an instance is 1. If you’d like to add additional IP addresses, you can select from the available options in the dropdown menu.

Alternatively, if you presently have a higher number of IPv4 addresses, selecting a lesser value of IPs in the dropdown will remove the excess IPv4 IPs.

Once you’ve made your selection, press Confirm.

An invoice will pop-up and display the purchase in a new window. If you don’t have automatic payments setup, a notice will display like below:


Showing the popup to pay for new IPv4 addresses in Hostwinds Cloud Servers


Once the invoice has been paid, you’ll receive a notice stating that the addresses have been added.


Showing popup window for successfully adding IPv4 addresses


Viewing Presently Assigned IPs for an instance


Showing where to see assigned IP addresses in Hostwinds Cloud Servers


The presently assigned IP addresses for both IPv4 and IPv6 will display under Assigned IP Addresses.


How to Add IPv6 IP Space

Each user’s instance is assigned a /64 block of IPv6 IP space. By default, each instance is provided with 1 IPv6 address pre-configured on the instance. If you want to add additional IPv6 space, simply press the button Add V6 IP Address:


Showing the button for adding additional IPv6 Addresses on Hostwinds Cloud Servers


The system will then automatically add an additional IPv6 IP address to the instance.


Showing notice for successfully adding IPv6 Addresses


There is no additional cost. You can continue to add additional IPv6 addresses to your instance as needed – at no added cost.


How to Update rDNS

You can update your own rDNS (Reverse Domain Name Service) simply by pressing the Update rDNS button next to the IP address that you wish to update the rDNS for:


Showing the button for updating rDNS


Pressing the button will open a new popup where you’ll enter the rDNS value for that IP. Once you’ve added it, press Confirm.


Showing where to setup rDNS


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