Issues Receiving Email

Why can’t I receive email?

If you’re having problems receiving email but you can send email, here are some possible common causes that will be explained in more depth below:


  • Over email quota
  • DNS problems
  • Mail client problems


Over email quota

Each email account is assigned a quota when created. You can check these settings in cPanel and increase them if necessary:


  1. Go to cPanel
  2. Go to Email Accounts


Showing where to find the Email Accounts icon in cPanel


  1. Scroll down to see the list of email accounts
  2. Click the pencil icon with Quota to edit


Showing where to find the edit quota icon in cPanel


DNS problems

It could be a problem with your DNS settings:


  • Are your DNS zones are setup correctly?
  • Have you recently changed MX records? It normally takes about an hour for them to update and they may not have fully changed over yet
  • Are your MX records and Email Routing correct?


Mail client problems

Make sure your mail client is setup correctly. These settings will vary, depending on your client.  You can find the instructions for many email clients in cPanel.


  1. Go to cPanel
  2. In the Email section, select Email Accounts


Showing where to find the Email Accounts icon in cPanel


  1. Select Set Up Mail Client


Showing where to find the Set Up Mail Client icon in cPanel


  1. Pick the configuration for the email client that you’re using or use the Manual Settings


Alternative reasons


Spam Assassin – If you have this enabled, check the SPAM folder to make sure they aren’t getting caught by the assassin.


Over disc quota – Your cPanel account may have run out of disc space. If you’re a Hostwinds customer this shouldn’t be the case, as all our plans include unlimited disc space.


Authentication – You have DKIM and/or SPF enabled and/or not configured properly. You can check this in cPanel’s Authentication under the Email section.


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