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How Do I Keep My Domain From Renewing?

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By default, all domains registered with Hoswinds will automatically renew two weeks before their expiration dates. This way, you never have a disruption in your website due to the domain having expired or being sold off before the expiration date. 

If a renewal of a given domain is not desired, Hostwinds allows the account owner to disable the auto-renewal for domain names  through the Client Area on our website.
This would need to be done before the due date to prevent a nonrefundable renewal.
In order to disable the auto-renewal of any of your domain names, follow the steps below:

1. From the Client Area, select the “Domains” drop-down link.

The Domains drop down for the Hostwinds client area

2. Select the “My Domains” option at the top of the drop down.

The My Domains option in the Client Area Domains dropdown

This will take you to the My Domains section of the Hostwinds Client Area. Here you can see all of your domains, their next due date, their status, and whether they will auto-renew or not.

The My Domains client area page

Here you can check whether the domain is currently set to auto renew. If it states Disabled, then auto renew is currently disabled and there’s nothing else to do. If it states Enabled, as in our Example, continue to Step 3.

How to check if your domain is set to auto renew

3. To the far right of the domain is a wrench icon and a drop down arrow. Click on the drop down arrow to see a list of management options for your domain.

The Domain management tool in the client area

4. Select the Auto Renewal Status option in the drop down arrow.

The auto renewal status in the domain management dropdown

5. Click on the Disable Auto Renew button to the far right of the domain name once to disable auto renewal.

The disable auto renew button on the domain auto renew page

If the auto renewal was successfully disabled, you will be able to check in three areas once the page refreshes automatically.

How to check if the auto renewal disable worked

What if an invoice was already generated for the renewal?

Please still follow the steps above and then open a ticket to Billing with a request that the domain renewal invoice is cancelled.