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To provide both our current and prospective clients with as much information as possible, we have an entire archive of articles, instructions, company policies and documentation available for you to view. Just by reading this article, you are already using our Knowledge Base.


How to Access the Knowledge Base

To access our Knowledge Base, you can either navigate directly to, or by one of the available links on our website.


From the Client Area

In your client area, you can find a quick link to our Knowledge Base listed under the Support drop-down menu.


Client Area Support Drop-down


From Any Page on

Every page on has a footer section at the bottom of  page, which includes quick links to some of the most common and important areas of our site.
One of these links is for the Knowledge Base, for which you can find that link under the Support column.


Footer Links


Sections of the Knowledge Base

To keep things tidy and make it easier to find the correct article, our Knowledge Base is divided into five primary categories based on the content of the articles.


Knowledge Base


  • Hostwinds Main: This section contains articles pertaining to Hostwinds’ policies, billing information, and overviews/guides of sections of our website, namely the Client Area.
  • Web Hosting: This section contains articles going over everything related to our web hosting services, namely Shared, Business and Reseller hosting.
  • Hostwinds Cloud: This section contains articles on everything related to our Cloud Infrastructure. Most notably, this section covers VPS and Cloud servers and the features included in our Cloud Control Portal (servers, volumes, snapshots, object storage, networking, etc.).
  • Other Products: This section contains articles on all other Hostwinds services not previously covered in the other sections. This is where you’ll find articles on things like our VPN service, SSL certificates, etc.
  • General Guides: This section is where you will find all our guides on some common third party services and utilities that are used on or work in combination with our services. This is where you’ll find information and instructions on using things like various operating systems, control panels (cPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin, etc.), etc.


Search the Knowledge Base

From any page in our Knowledge Base, the search box is available at the top of the page. From there you can search for the article you wish. What you type in the search box will be compared against the title of the articles, the actual content of the articles, the category the article belongs to, and the reference tags assigned to the articles. You will receive results of articles with your search terms being matches in any of the previously mentioned locations, and will be ordered by relevancy.


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