LAMP Stack Application Overview

This installation is performed on your own VPS which is configured as a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) stack. This server includes the following setup and configured for you:


  • Latest version of CentOS 7
  • Latest version of Apache Web Server
  • MariaDB 10.1 installed and configured
  • Latest version of PHP-FPM installed and configured


Accessing FTP

To access your server through FTP, you’ll use the server’s IP or hostname provided in your welcome email. Your username will be root and the password will be your server’s root password.

Your webserver’s filepath is located in /var/www/html

Any content placed here will be publicly accessible. If you’re familiar with cPanel’s setup, this is similar to the public_html directory.


Accessing MySQL

To access MySQL on the server, login via shell and type mysql.

Your login details are saved in /root/.my.cnf

This gives you root privileged login to MySQL without specifying your username and root password.


Pointing Your Domain to Your LAMP Server

All you need to do to point your domain to your new server is update your domain’s A record to point to your server’s IP address. We have the following Knowledge Base Article on this process for various domain registrars:

How to Add or Modify Your A Record


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