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Managing My Account Information


This article will go over the account tab and what each drop-down represents and how to manage each one.  The account tab is located in the top right of the menu bar once you log into your Hostwinds account from the Client Area.  If you do not have an account with Hostwinds, you can create an account upon checking out with any of our products.  For review on the process of creating an account see this article, “How To Create A Hostwinds Account“.


Hostwinds MyAccount Dropdown Image



Edit Account Details

Edit Account Details will bring up your current information, which includes your personal information, address and contact information.  To edit any of the information, fill out the details and click “Save Changes” at the bottom to apply.


Hostwinds My Details Image


Client Information is highly recommended, but is not required unless registering a domain name. If you are purchasing a domain name, for example, this will alleviate any issues with processing your order and will not be required to make further purchases in the future through your Client Area after it is entered here.


Change Account Email

Provides a client the ability to change their registered email on file with Hostwinds.  The registered email on file is what receives any updates for current services, updated tickets, and invoices.  It is important to keep this information current to receive these emails pertaining to your services.

Please review Change Email Address for further details.


Manage Credit Card

Hostwinds stores credit card information within a registered account if that is the method you choose to pay with (for other payment methods Hostwinds accepts, please review here).  As a subscription-based service, it is recommended to keep the most recent credit card on file for your hosting services to renew without potential interruption.  Manage Credit Card option will not only display the current card on file but also provide the option to update if needed.


Hostwinds Manage Credit Card Image



Hostwinds allows one extra account applied to a primary account in the form of a sub-account.  Upon creation of the account, the primary user can set the permissions the sub-account on file has.  For more information, please review “How Do I Add Contacts / Sub Accounts“.


Hostwinds Contact / Sub Account Image


Setting permission for the sub-account are the following:



Change Password

Just like changing your registered email on file with Hostwinds, you can edit your password if needed too.  By selecting “change password”, you are able to change your current password to your account at any time.  It is advised to make a strong password, as advertised on the page.  If you are unable to come up with a strong password, is a great place to recommend one.  Please review “How Can I Change My Account Password” for further details.


Hostwinds Change Password Image


Security Settings

Security settings is another feature to secure your account with Hostwinds and is a recommendation to get set-up.  The authentication option get’s it’s second factor using a time based algorithm. Your mobile phone can be used to generate the codes. If you don’t already have an app that can do this, we recommend Google Authenticator which is available for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.  Adding security questions and answers is another added option to provide security.  For further information, please review “Hostwinds Account Security“.


Hostwinds Security Settings Image


Communication Preferences

Manage what information your registered email receives through Communication Preferences.  Note, there is no save icon for these options as they are enabled or disabled by simply turning on and off the service.


Hostwinds Communication


For further details, please review “How Do I Change When Hostwinds Emails Me?


API Keys

You can generate your API Key to interact with your Hostwinds account. It is important that this is not shared and kept private once it is created. To create your API key, you can enter a Description, and Expiration date and the IP Addresses or CIDRs allowed and click on Create Key. Once they key is created, you will see it in the list of API keys and can rename or remove the key at any time at your sole discretion. 

hostwinds cloud api key

Email History

Your account drop down has Email History.  Email History will show all emails ever sent to your registered email by Hostwinds.  This feature is beneficial for whatever reason emails are not received, but can be verified here.


Hostwinds MyEmails Image


Log Out

Selecting “Log Out” will log you out of your current account in Hostwinds.


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