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Managing Mailboxes With Enterprise Email

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The Hostwinds Enterprise Email is an email service that allows you to feel at ease that your mail is getting delivered to its destination. There are some steps to get this setup however. You will want to first add an MX record for the domain to point to Be sure that before changing your MX record that you have created the account in your Enterprise Email area. This is a perfect service if you need an Enterprise Email Service with one Gigabyte mailboxes. This is also perfect if you are having trouble with your email service being on a blacklist or are receiving too much SPAM. This service is monitored closely and there is advanced SPAM filtering in place to make sure you do not have to deal with being blacklisted or receiving SPAM. We have a brief guide on how to setup Enterprise Email with your domain here.

Email Accounts Management Options

Enterprise Email Manage Mailboxes Options

With the management interface of email accounts, there are various options that can be changed about the mailboxes as well as an option to create a new Mailbox. The options at the top can be used to make bulk changes to multiple mailboxes, and clicking the cogs next to the mailbox will allow you to make changes to only a single mailbox.

  • Change Password – This will allow you to change the password for the email account. It will not ask for confirmation of the previous password, so this is useful if you have forgotten the password for the account.
  • Set Active – This will change the Mailbox status to Active. Meaning the email address can be used with email clients and through Webmail.
  • Set Locked – This will change the Mailbox status to be Locked. This will prevent a user from logging into the account via Webmail, and will not sync mail with other applications. When the user attempts to login via Webmail it will show a message as if the email account or password is incorrect.
  • Set Maintenance – This option will change the Mailbox to be for Maintenance. With this status, the mailbox will be in a similar state as if it was closed, however, if logging in via Webmail. The user will be notified that the mailbox is in maintenance mode.
  • Set Closed – Selecting this option from the menu will set the status of the mailbox to be closed. This status acts the same as the Locked status. Preventing access to the email account.
  • Set Lockout – Clicking on this option will mark the status of the Mailbox as Lockout. Meaning it will be the same situation as Closed, and Locked.
  • Set Pending – Setting this will mark the Mailbox as Pending. This determines that the mailbox is Pending and it will act the same as if it was Closed or Locked.
  • Delete – Clicking this will delete the Mailbox / Mailboxes selected.

Selecting the Pencil icon next to the Mailbox will take you to a page similar to the Add new Mailbox page. This will let you edit all the options for the Mailbox, excluding changing the actual mail address.

Create A New Mailbox

Enterprise Email Add New Mailbox options part 1
Enterprise Email Add New Mailbox options part 2

Clicking on Add mailbox will bring you to a new page where you will be able to enter in information as it pertains to the new account. It will look similar if not the same as the following,

To create the account, you will fill out the available options as they pertain to the new account. Some of these fields are optional and not required to be filled out. A description of each of these can be found below:

  • First Name (Optional) – The first name of the mailbox owner. This can be used to identify the mailbox owner.
  • Last Name (Required) – The last name or other name of the mailbox owner. This is a required field, however, if left blank this will auto populate as the Username once submitted.
  • Username (Required) – The mail address that will be for the mailbox. For example, entering in “emailaccount“, it will create the mailbox for the account ““, with being your domain name.
  • Status (Optional) – This will set the starting Status of the mailbox. By default, this will populate as Active, allowing it to be used after it has been created.
  • Password (Required) – The password that will be used to access the email address and login. This is required, and will need to be confirmed with the Text box underneath. The password should be at least eight characters long and we suggest using a secure password.
  • The rest of the options are completely optional and are not required to be filled out. These are only for personal preference.

After filling out the fields as desired, you can click on the Save button, and this will create the mailbox for you to use. If there are any errors, or required boxes that have not been filled out, you will be notified now. Once the email account is created, it can be logged into via the webmail, or setup with an email client. You will also see the mailbox listed in the Mailbox Management page. You can edit the information for the email later on if wanted.

If you should have any questions or would like assistance, do feel free to contact us through Live Chat or by submitting a ticket with our Technical Support team.

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