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MetraTrader 4 Notifications

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This article is intended to help Hostwinds clients set up Notifications on a MetaTrader 4 application using a Windows 2012 VPS or Cloud Server. In order to continue with this guide, you will want to have a Windows VPS or Cloud server with Hostwinds and have RDP or VNC access with MetraTrader 4 installed. 


MetaTrader 4 Push Notifications

Step One: Install MetaTrader 4 to your VPS

Step Two: Go to Tools > Options


metratrader 4 push notifications


Step Three: In the Notifications tab, check the two boxes to Enable Push notifications and Notify of trade transactions


metaquotes id


Step Four: Download and install the Metra Trader 4 app on your iOS or Android compatible device

Step Five: Go to Settings in the App

Step Six: Click on Chat and Messages and scroll down to the bottom to take note of your MetaQuotes ID


metra trader 4 app chat and messages


Step Seven: Scroll down the page to find your MetaQuotes ID


metra trader 4 metaquotes id


Step Eight: Enter the My MetaQuotes ID on this page in your MetaQuotes ID box in the Meta Trader 4 are of your VPS in the Notifications tab


enter metaquotes id and test


Step Nine: Use the Send Test button to test this feature and ensure this is set up and working properly


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