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How To Get a Domain at No Extra Cost


A domain registration, at no extra cost, is available to Hostwinds clients who purchase a new shared and/or business hosting services for one year or longer. This can be done from the order page and include any domain that Hostwinds supports. See all of the available types of domains from the domain registration page here. The domain name must be equal to or less than $25.  The following steps will walk you through how to purchase a new web hosting account and register a new domain name.


For more information about our shared and/or business hosting services please review the following:

Shared Hosting Overview

Business Hosting Overview

What is the Difference Between Shared and Business Hosting?


Step 1:  Find the shared or business shared service you are interested in and click on Get Hosted.


Get Hosted Image


Step 2:  On the check-out screen, find the Domain section and type the domain you would like to check availability for.  When ready, click on Select Domain.


Registration of domain checkout image


Step 3:  If you find that the domain name you would like is available, the domain name will appear green with an “Add to Cart” button below.  Select the add to cart to add the domain at no extra cost, to your checkout order.


add a free domain hostwinds one year of hosting


Pressing the “Add to Cart” button will add the domain to your order at no extra cost and change the message to a confirmation that the domain has been added to your cart.  Click the remove link afterwards will remove the domain from your cart and your total, and the add to cart button will show again.



Step 4:  Confirm the domain is part of your entire purchase order prior to checkout by scrolling to the very bottom of the checkout screen.  You should see the amount as $0.00 if the domain to be registered was available and less the $25.


complete checkout free domain with one year of web hosting

Complete Order


What If The Registered Domain Is More Than $25?

If the domain to be registered is more than $25, the full payment as advertised will be required.  There is no discounted or pro-rated price for any domains more expensive than $25.


Am I Limited To Only One Domain?

Each new shared and/or business shared plan is limited to 1 domain name registration at no added cost, provided the shared and/or business hosting is purchased for a year or longer. 


How Long Is My Domain Name Registration Good For?

The domain is included with your web hosting service at no extra charge, would be valid for the first year.  At the end of the first year, the domain renewal fee will be due at the standard rate in order to keep the currently registered domain.



  • One domain is available at no extra cost, upon purchasing any of Hostwinds shared web hosting and/or business web hosting services, when a Billing cycle of a year or more is selected for the hosting. Any Billing Cycle that is chosen during the checkout process that is less than a year will not allow for a domain registration to be added at no cost to the order.
  • The domain must be $25 or less to qualify.  Anything higher will require full payment of the domain name registration fee.
  • The domain would require no extra payment for the first year. The domain’s renewal charge at the end of the first year will be required in order to keep the domain under your name.


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