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Object Storage Management

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What Is Object Storage?

Object storage is a format of data storage that manages data as objects rather than as files. This is different from other data storage architectures like file systems or block storage.  File systems store their data in a file hierarchy, while the block storage stores data with blocks of memory.

Object-based storage allows the retention of massive amounts of unstructured data. It’s used in several instances such as photos on Facebook, songs on Spotify and services such as Dropbox.

As a client, you have two top-level uses for object storage on Hostwinds. The first is where your backups are stored if you have any of our backup services purchased.

You’ll see your backed up data under their Object Storage panel, the size and the naming of the object block for the backups that are there, along with an object count.

How To Access Cloud Storage

Step One: Once you have logged into the Client Area, you will want to select Cloud Control > Cloud Portal

Step Two: Select Storage and Object Storage from the Drop Down menu

cloud portal object storage

An example of this can be seen below… A list of backups, their size and object count. You also have the ability to make the storage public with a publicly accessible link, or delete the storage from this area.

object storage your containers

How To Make Object Storage Public

Checking the box under Public will make the object storage selected a public link. The shareable link will appear to the right of the checkbox.

You can then visit that link in your browser. The link will provide a text-based listing of the objects that are accessible. Adding the listed object to the end of the current URL will let you download the object you’ve selected.

To make your object no longer publicly accessible, simply uncheck the Public checkbox next to it.

Deleting Objects

Pressing the Delete button next to an object will open a popup prompt requesting confirmation. Once clicking Confirm, the object will be deleted you’ll no longer be billed for the data used going forward for that object.  For a more detailed set of instructions, please feel free to review our guide on How to Delete Cloud Storage.

If the Object Storage is not deleted manually, you will continue to be billed for Object storage, even if the hosting service that the backups are for has been canceled.

Creating New Object Storage Containers

As a Hostwinds client, you’re able to create your own object storage containers very easily. Simply provide a name for your container, select the location from any of the available locations, check the public link to make the container publicly available and then press the Create Container button as seen below:

create object storage cloud portal hostwinds

How Object Storage is Billed

Object storage is billed hourly, at a rate of $0.000042386 per hour per GB that is stored.  Like any of services billed hourly, invoices for that storage would generate on the first of the following calendar month.

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