How to Use cPanel’s Optimize Website

What is Optimize Website?

Optimize Website is a content compression tool that helps remove the unnecessary gaps and text in files to speed load times.  Compression can be configured to automatically reduce  the size of specific types of content when visitors access it. The tool is an application found in the Software section of cPanel.


Showing where to find the Optimize Website icon in cPanel


How do faster load times benefit my website?

Faster website load times benefit your website in a variety of ways. Two specific examples are reducing the bounce rate of customers and increasing your website’s page rank with Google.


How do I manage the compression settings?

To manage your compression settings in cPanel head to the Software section on your dashboard and click on Optimize Website.  Once inside Optimize Website you can either choose to keep compression in place, disable it or compress specified MIME types.

To compress the entire website’s content:

  1. Choose the option Compress All Content
  2. Click the blue Update Settings button


Showing how to compress all website content with Optimize Website


You may also choose to only compress specific types of content by performing the following these steps:

  1. Choose the Compress the specified MIME types option
  2. A MIME Types text box will appear where you can input the types you want compressed, separated by a space (for example, text/html text/xml)
  3. Click the blue Update Settings button


Showing how to compress only certain file types with Optimize Website


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