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How to configure Greylisting (cPanel/WHM)

…you would like to automatically receive mail from. Greylisting will never defer email from these mail providers. Will be able to select which mail providers you would like to trust and if you would automatically trust any newly add mail providers. Reports The Greylisting report will show the current state of senders that are currently in the system. On this page you will be able to check all the sender that have tried to send email to you and what is their status. Related Articles cPanel and WHM Overview Setup cPanel and WHM How to Configure Apache SpamAssasin in cPanel

cPanel Web Services Configuration in WHM

Within WHM, you can customize the SSL/TLS settings for secure connection to the cPanel, WHM, and Webmail services. In order to continue with this guide and follow along, you can access the cPanel Web Services Configuration from the Service Configuration category of WHM on your Cloud VPS or Dedicated Server if you have purchased an additional cPanel license.     This page gives you two available options to modify: TLS/SSL Cipher List: Specifies the TLS/SSL ciphers available for any cPanel Web services to use. TLS/SSL Protocols: Specifies the TLS/SSL protocols available for any cPanel Web services to use. Both of…

cPanel: Adding Email to Android

…Security Type.  For Security Type, select SSL/TLS. Step 6:  Enter in your server information.  Enter in your SMTP information (typically, Security Type (select SSL/TLS), check Require Sign-in, username (Webmail email) and password (Webmail password). Step 7:  Select your email preferences and tap Next Step 8:  Finish by naming your account and display names.  Tap Next when finished. Your Android Email should now be correctly configured to receive your cPanel emails on your Android device.   Helpful Related Articles How Do I Add Email Accounts In cPanel? Definition of cPanel Email Icons cPanel and WHM Overview cPanel:  Adding Webmail Email To iPhone…

Why Do I Have to Pay for cPanel on My Server?

…for the cost of the license. As a Hostwinds client, you’re able to purchase a cPanel license directly from us. Due to our licensing contract with the company, the cost of a cPanel license would actually be lower than purchasing it from the company directly. We can set it up for you quickly and easily via a support ticket that is automatically created after the checkout process for new cPanel license orders. Alternatively, if you’re a more technical user or you don’t require cPanel specifically, you can check out this article that covers several of the best free control panels….

How To Choose cPanel Theme (Style)

…simply a way for you to pick what your dashboard looks like. cPanel’s current default theme is called Basic. If you’re interested in using the older version of the theme, you can switch back to Retro.   cPanel Theme/Style Selection To change your theme either scroll down to the Preferences section or simply use the drop down at the top of the page (where your username is) as shown here:     Next, select Change Style     Related Articles cPanel and WHM Overview A Beginners Guide to cPanel Creating a cPanel Account How do I Fix My cPanel Theme?…

Definition of Security Icons In cPanel

…can prevent users from giving out their passwords to a restricted area of your website.     SSL/TLS Wizard: allows you to easily purchase and install SSL certificates for domains on your account. It also lists purchased certificates that an SSL certificate provider has yet to deliver.     SSL/TLS Status: allows you to view, upgrade, or renew your Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates. You can also view useful information about each domain’s SSL certificate.   Helpful Related Articles How To Access cPanel A Beginners Guide To cPanel Definition Of Email Icons In cPanel Definition Of Domain Icons In cPanel

What Free Control Panel Options are There Besides cPanel?

Typically when hosting a single website or multiple websites it’s advisable to use a control panel such as cPanel. This helps streamline some of the tasks related to hosting. Although control panels such as cPanel and Plesk are phenomenal, not everyone wants to pay the necessary licensing fee to use them. With that in mind, you may be wondering if there are any free control panels that are comparable to cPanel or Plesk… and the answer is yes! The focus of this article will be to go over some of the free alternatives to cPanel to help you pick a…

cPanel Virus Scan

How to Use the Virus Scanner in cPanel This article describes how to use the virus scanner in cPanel to scan your account files for viruses, trojan horses, and other types of malware. You can scan e-mail files, files in public web and FTP directories, or your entire account. By default, the cPanel virus scanner is not installed on Cloud and Dedicated servers. If you have one of these account types and would like this feature installed, please open a support ticket and we will install it for you.   What the Virus Scanner Looks for The virus scanner in…