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Does Hostwinds offer Discounts?

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Hostwinds is able to offer discounts on the first (1st) invoice for any newly ordered Shared, Cloud, or Dedicated servers.

All discounts and promos would be onetime and after that first discounted invoice, all services would renew at the normal full cost as shown within the Client Area.

Doesn’t Hostwinds Have Lifetime or Recurring Promos?

There was a time where we had offered promos that would last for the life of the product they were added to,  with some exceptions.

However, starting on the first of January in 2017 Hostwinds would no longer offer any new Lifetime or recurring promotions.

Our promotions, including those for Black Friday, will be single use only.

What about Black Friday and Other Limited Time Promotions?

Black Friday and other limited time promotions would only apply to the first invoice of newly ordered services and would only be guaranteed during the time in which the promotion runs.
Such promotions would generally not apply to Domains, SSL Certificates, IP Blocks, Hourly Products/Services, Software Licenses, Upgrades/Downgrades or extension of current services

Any limited time promotions would only apply to orders placed while they are running and would not be applicable to any renewals.

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