What Is The Policy On Promo Code Use?

We will allow the use of any valid promo codes supplied by Hostwinds or our Affiliates.

This does mean, if a promo code has been discontinued by Hostwinds or one of our Affiliates, we would no longer honor it if entered on the order page.

Unless stated otherwise by Hostwinds, all promo codes are single use and would not be able to be applied to more than one invoice or service on your account.


If I Open More Than One Account, Can I Use the Same Code on Each One?

Unfortunately, we would consider this an abuse of any promo code offerings. If we find any one person has opened multiple accounts to use the same promo code over an over again, we will merge all of those said accounts, set their pricing too full, and suspend services until the difference has been paid.

The section “Promo Code Usage” in our Terms of Service speaks to this,  you can be read the direct passage below:

“Any Client caught signing up with multiple accounts to take advantage of our promotion code offers will have their accounts merged, suspended, and billed for the full amount that would be due had the Client not created multiple accounts to take advantage of offers more than once. The accounts will not be unsuspended until the amount due is paid in full.”


Doesn’t Hostwinds Have Lifetime or Recurring Promos?

There was a time where we had offered promos that would last for the life of the product that they were added to, with some exceptions.
However, starting on 01/01/2017 Hostwinds is no longer offering any new Lifetime or recurring promotions.

Our promotions including those created for Black Friday will be single use.


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