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Purging Your Cancelled Or Terminated Products

Upon creating an account with us at Hostwinds, all of your products (active, pending, cancelled and/or terminated) are always archived for your records.  Navigating to Services > My Services will display a list of all the products you own or have owned with Hostwinds since your account was created.  Using your Client Tools from your account drop-down will eliminate pending, cancelled and terminated products described below.


My Services Status Image


How To Delete Pending, Terminated And/Or Cancelled Products

If you would like to delete pending, terminated and/or cancelled products from your products list, please follow these steps.

Step 1:  Log into your Client Area and select Client Tools from your account drop-down on the right side of the page.


Client Tools Location Image


Step 2:  Now click on the Purge Pending/Terminated Services


Client Tools Screen Image


Step 3:  Select the box(es) you wish to delete from your status list.  Select the box to the left of services (example: number 1 below) if you want to select all.  Click on the Delete button (example: number 2 below) once done.  A confirmation window will pop-up that you will need to confirm.  Once done, your products page will be updated.


Client Tools Deleting Services Page Image


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