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What happens if I cancel early?

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Cancellations, early or otherwise, are immediate and would lead to the service being removed from our servers and any data it held deleted. As such, please be advised that a cancellation should not be confirmed until there is no longer a need for the service and any valuable data has been backed up.

Would There Be A Refund Or Account Credit For Early Cancellations?

We would not be able to guarantee an Account Credit or prorated refund for the time left on a service that has been canceled early.

The exception to this would be when the service would qualify for a refund per our Refund policy. Outside of this, an Account Credit or refund of any kind would not be guaranteed. This would hold true even if the service had only been renewed within the last 24 hours.

As such, we strongly recommend that services that are not going to be continued should be canceled before their renewal date.

This holds true for any instance in which a service is discontinued, including downgrades.