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Reinstall VPS / Cloud server from an ISO

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Hostwinds’ Cloud Control and Cloud Portal provide the option to install your server from an attached .iso file instead of one of our many premade images of an Operating System and Applications. This allows you to install almost any OS (via ISO upload) or choose from several we have uploaded for you.

Step One: From the Cloud Control panel Click Actions -> Reinstall on your VPS

Reinstall Server From Iso

This will delete the existing Server and all data on the Server so be sure you shutdown your server and take a snapshot backup in case you need to restore your Server from a backup before proceeding with this guide.

Step Two: Chose the ISO Library option from the Reinstall menu

Step Three: Choose the ISO and Operating System version

reinstall iso from available isos

Step Four: Be sure you want to reinstall the VPS and if so, click Confirm

The VPS may sit for several minutes ‘spawning’ with the ISO attached. Once it is available it will show as ISO INSTALL and change the screen as shown below:

Step Five: Click Get VNC

Step Six: This will open a popup window (you may have to allow popups in your browser) with a view into the screen of the virtual machine.

Step Seven: From there, installing the OS will proceed much like if you were installing it locally.

Step Eight: Once you are finished installing and at the “eject the CD and reboot the machine” final step, click Finalize ISO Installation. Your networking will be set.

If you cannot connect over SSH or RDP to the new OS once it’s booted, check in Actions -> GetVNC. If the network is not working properly you’ll want to set it as follows:

IP Address: Your.Server.IP.Address
Default Gateway: Your.Server.IP.1 

IP Address can be found in your Cloud Control Area for your Server.
Netmask is the /24
Default Gateway is the first 3 numbers from your IP Address followed by a .1
DNS can be from a free DNS provider like from Google or from CloudFlare/APNIC

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to our Support team in a Live Chat or open a support ticket. We are always happy to help you and answer any questions you have.