How to Resolve Abuse Complaints

What is an Abuse Complaint?

An abuse complaint happens when someone complains about some portion of your website or services. We will forward you the information about the report that we receive.

Why am I receiving this?

Most likely, you’ve received a complaint because:


  • Your site has either been Hacked
  • You are hosting Malware or Malicious Pages
  • You host Copyrighted content
  • You’ve been sending Spam Email


What should I do about it?


  • If your ticket is related to being defaced, please contact us for assistance in cleaning up your website and restoring it to normal
  • If your ticket is related to hosting malware, we ask you please remove it immediately as malicious content is not allowed
  • If you are hosting copyrighted content (such as company logos or other material) then you will be asked politely to remove the content
  • If your ticket includes email headers, then someone has complained about mail coming from your server and categorized it as Spam

NOTE: We do not allow spamming. If you believe you did not send the mail, please contact us and we will assist with locating the issues source.

We’ll follow up with you on any abuse complaints received to ensure the issue is resolved.


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