WordPress Features – Overview

…are ways in which you can cost effectively solve your own website needs and get started quickly. Maintenance – Hostwinds has taken efforts to ensure this is a breeze. Once you Shared or Business Hosting on your account, and install WordPress with a few clicks, auto upgrades are turned on by default. If you have any trouble with upgrading, we are here to help.     Related Articles   Install WordPress using a WordPress template for your Cloud Instance Hosting WordPress on VirtualMin   Related Resources   WordPress Philosophy   If we can help you get started, please submit a…

Creating FTP Accounts Through the Server

…with the name of the user:   passwd username   You’ll be prompted to enter in the password twice, however the password won’t be visible as you type it. Be careful.   You should now be able to access the server via FTP using the IP address of the server, the username and password that you created, and port 21. Please note that the user will only have access to their specific home directory.   Helpful Related Articles Installing FTP in Windows Server How to Create an FTP Account in Virtualmin FTP vs SFTP Creating an FTP Account in cPanel…

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