Setting up WHMCS

 How Do I Setup WHMCS?

You can setup WHMCS for our white label resellers program by performing these steps:


  • Download a zip file for the latest WHMCS version here
  • Upload the WHMCS folder to where you want WHMCS to be located on your site
  • Unzip the folder
  • Find the file and change the name to configuration.php
  • Go to the installation file in the location you chose for WHMCS in your browser. For example, if you uploaded it to a folder called admin, you’d visit (The installer will appear and run within the browser)
  • Follow the on screen instructions (notes for settings below)


You’ll have to ensure file and folder permissions are set correctly.


  • Go to cPanel’s File Manager
  • Right click the folder or file in question and click Change Permissions


/downloads CHMOD 777 Writeable

/attachments CHMOD 777 Writeable

/templates_c CHMOD 777 Writeable

/configuration.php CHMOD 400 Readable


Note: These are the correct settings (With the exceptions of PHPSuExec or suPHP).


Note: For DSO PHP handlers, 644 permissions are required.


Once you’re done, make sure you delete the install folder and change the configuration.php file permissions back to 644.


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