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Shared and Business Hosting Management Portal

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Our Shared and Business plans offer functional features within your services portal that you wouldn’t normally have with our VPS, Cloud or Dedicated Servers. This is a quick, easy way to access many of the features for your Shared Hosting or Business Hosting account.  This guide will outline the features of managing your Shared Web Hosting or Business Web Hosting Services.

To follow this guide, login to your account at and then select manage next to your Product/Service.

Shared and Business Manage Location Image
Select Home from you Hostwinds Portal Options. Select Manage next to shared or business plan. In this example, we’ll be reviewing an Advanced Shared web hosting service.

Please review Shared Hosting Overview and Business Hosting Overview for technical specs about each service.

Shared & Business Management Area

Once you select Manage next to your shared or business hosting package, you’ll be presented with screen similar to the one below.

Managed Shared and Business Management Image

Overview (1)

  • Information:  This will populate the home page of your shared or business hosting plan  (Main page)
  • Addons:  Available addons can be reviewed in this section.  Addons included generally are Advanced Website Monitoring and Web Hosting Cloud Backups

Actions (2)

  • Login to cPanel:  Quickly log into your cPanel from this link.  This can be very helpful if you’re unable to log in manually with what is provided in your welcome email
  • Login to Webmail:  Quickly log into your Webmail from this location.  Just like Login to cPanel, this is great for quick logins or troubleshooting manual connection via Webmail URL
  • Change Password:  Provides the ability to quickly change the password to your cPanel
  • Upgrade/Downgrade:  The first option of upgrading provides the ability to upgrade to the higher tiered plan.  For example, if you purchased basic hosting (hosts only 1 domain), and you would like to host 2-4 domains, upgrade from here to the shared advanced and shared ultimate
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Options:  Typically used for extra add-ons.  As more available options are added, they’ll appear here
  • Change Domain:  This will change your primary domain name associated with your cPanel account.  However, this only changes the name itself and not associated files or your cPanel account username
  • Request Cancellation:  All of our hosting products will have this option as this is how you begin your cancellation of the selected product with Hostwinds.  For further steps on how to cancel, please proceed here

Any outstanding invoice will require payment prior to upgrading your package.

Package/Domain (3)

  • Examination of your product name and primary domain associated.  Quickly navigate to your primary domain website or look up Whois information.

Addons & Extras (4)

  • Quickly review and apply available addons to your shared and/or business hosting package

Usage Statistics (5)

  • Quickly review your products current disk usage and bandwidth usage

Quick Shortcuts

Quick Shortcuts Image

Quick Shortcuts provide easy management options also provided in your cPanel account.  Listed under Quick Shortcuts are among the more popular options, providing the ability to create email accounts (example) quickly.

  • Email Accounts:  Create email accounts for domains hosted with your cPanel service
  • Forwarders:  Have your emails forwarded to another user email of your choice upon creation
  • Autoresponders:  Configure auto responses from your email accounts
  • File Manager:  Quickly navigate to your File Manager, where all of your domain files will be located or uploaded to. The public_html directory will be your root folder for populating your website to the web in this environment.
  • Backup:  Take a back up locally of your cPanel
  • Subdomains  Create subdomains for your website(s)
  • Addon Domains:  Add more domains to your services (Basic hosts up-to 1, Advanced hosts 1-4, Ultimate hosts unlimited)
  • Cron Jobs:  Create Cron Jobs to perform at certain times
  • MySQL Databases:  Create your databases quickly from here
  • phpMyAdmin:  Quickly access your phpMyAdmin area from here to access your databases for editing or reviewing
  • AwStats:  Examination of useful tools used to monitor the traffic of your hosted website(s)

Billing Overview

Shared/Business Billing Overview Image

Billing Overview will show your First Payment Amount (promo price typically), Recurring Amount, Billing Cycle, Payment Method, Registration Date and Next Due Date.  This can be incredibly handy when examining this specific hosting package billing information.  Furthermore, you can check the location of your service under configurable options which will be either Seattle or Dallas.

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