How Can I Use Skrill/Money Bookers With Hostwinds?

To pay with Skrill:

  1. Go to the invoice you wish to pay
  2. Head to the drop down in the top right corner of the invoice page
  3. Select Skrill, then click pay now

This will redirect you to the Skrill payment portal.  Where you’d need to follow the prompts to complete your payment.


Am I able to get a refund when I pay with Skrill?

At this time, Skrill is not a payment option that we are able to refund. If you do qualify for a refund, we would have to issue you the payment in the form of an Account Credit.


How do I prove that ownership of a Skrill account?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Skrill as a payment method has the purpose of giving you anonymity, as such, there is no way we have of ever proving who owns a Skrill account.


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