Snapshot Management

The snapshots tab will allow for the creation and review of the snapshots of your instances.


Taking a Snapshot

Pressing the take snapshot button will allow you to create a snapshot of an instance of your choosing:

It’s recommended to have the instance shutdown while the snapshot is being created to maximize data integrity on the instance.

You’ll be prompted to select your instance and type in the name of the snapshot.

Pressing the confirm button will finalize the creation of the snapshot.

While the snapshot is being created, the status will display as queued:

Copy to Other Datacenter

Pressing the copy to other datacenter button will prompt you to select the other datacenter (Dallas/Seattle) based upon where the your instance is that the snapshot was created from.

Pressing confirm will then process the request to copy the snapshot to the secondary datacenter.


Deleting a Snapshot

Pressing the delete button next to a snapshot will delete the snapshot from the your profile.


NOTE: The snapshot will not be retrievable after this has been completed.


Loading an Instance from a Snapshot

When creating an instance, the snapshot will now be a selectable option for the instance’s image.

You’ll be able to create a snapshot of the instance, and then create numerous copies of your system exactly as it was when you created the snapshot.


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