Snapshot Management

The snapshots tab will allow for the creation and review of the snapshots of your instances.  This tab can be found in your Cloud Control >> Cloud Portal Instance.  If unfamiliar with how to locate your Cloud Instance(s), you can review how to locate here.


Snapshot Location Image


Taking A Snapshot


Enabling Hourly Instances Image


In order to first take a snapshot, you will have to Enable Creating Hourly Products.  Snapshots will be considered as a backup under our current back-up charges which has a monthly storage price of: $0.03 Per GB


Once hourly products are enabled, your ability to take a snapshot will open up.  Pressing the take snapshot button will allow you to create a snapshot of an instance of your choosing:


Take Snapshot Image


It’s recommended to have the instance shutdown while the snapshot is being created to maximize data integrity on the instance.


Note:  By default, Snapshot Name will display the server ID and the date is was created.  You can edit the name to whatever you wish during the creation of the snapshot.


You will be prompted with Take Snapshot Processing once you select Take Snapshot.  This will appear routinely as your snapshot is processing.


Snapshot Has Been Taken Image


Note: The length of a Snapshot will be determined by the amount there is to backup.


During the processing of your Snapshot your server will display Image Pending Upload.


Image Pending Upload Image



Once your snapshot has been taken Image Pending Upload will complete. Your Snapshot will then appear in the Snapshot area along with any others that you may have taken.


Successful Snapshot Image


Copy To Other Datacenter


Snapshot Create New Location Image


Pressing the copy to new location button will prompt you to select the other datacenter (Dallas/Seattle) based upon where the your instance is that the snapshot was created from.

Pressing confirm will then process the request to copy the snapshot to the secondary datacenter should you have a server location there.


Loading A Template From A Snapshot


Snapshot Make Template Screenshot


When creating an instance, the snapshot will now be able to make a template of your current instance.

You’ll be able to create a snapshot of the instance, and then create numerous copies of your system exactly as it was when you created the snapshot.


Creating A Volume With Your Snapshot


Snapshot Create Volume Image


You can create a volume of your snapshot should you want to incorporate it as a drive within a separate or same server.  You can create volume under the actions tab next to the snapshot you wish to create a volume for.  You can review how to manage your volumes with Hostwinds here.


Deleting a Snapshot


Pressing the delete button under the action icon will delete the snapshot from your profile.


Delete Snapshot Image


NOTE: The snapshot will not be retrievable after this has been completed.


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