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How To Submit A Support Ticket

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We can often complete simple requests in under an hour.  There are several links on the Hostwinds website to open the ticket window, but the easiest access is on our Home Page. If you are a current Hostwinds client, you’ll need to login to your account before you can submit a ticket to Technical support, Sales or Billing. If you’re a new client, you can reach out to our Sales team via support ticket for pre-sales questions, questions or additional help before making your purchase.

First: Please sign into your Hostwinds Account HERE.

Second: Select Submit a ticket from the top of the Hostwinds page

submit support ticket


Third: At the Open Ticket page, select the department that you need to reach out to


submit support ticket


Fourth: You’ll be prompted to enter your login credentials


submit support ticket


Fifth: Select Open Ticket from the left side of the page

Sixth: Select your product in which you are having issues with


submit support ticket


Seventh: The second drop down will help our technicians narrow down the issue


submit support ticket


Eighth: The third drop down will help our technicians by further narrowing down the issue to a specific system/service/application. In some case, you may see links to our Knowledge Base relating to the issue. These articles and guides can save you quite a bit of time.

Ninth: If your issue isn’t on the list, select Other,  here you can add all the ticket add the subject of your message, and include any error codes or the exact steps you take to get the error code.


submit support ticket 


Tenth: Simply select Submit Ticket from this point, and our technicians will review your request and begin processing the ticket. If they need any more details, they’ll reply to the ticket. Each time a technician replies to a ticket, a copy of that message is sent to your email to notify you if we need more data/input or permission on your part to make a change.


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