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Why Isn’t Support Answering My Emails?

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Our support team, along with billing, can only monitor and communicate through tickets.

Emailing directly to either or won’t open a ticket for either team.  This is because unfortunately, it’s possible for third parties to spoof an email address, thus forging your email address.

This means that someone other than you could email us and it would appear to be you emailing us from your address. For your security and to ensure that we don’t take actions that are being requested by a third party who has no right to your services, we require a ticket to be opened to work with you on your needs.

Will Hostwinds See Replies To Messages They Send Me?

Yes, when tickets are created either on our end or by you, an email alert is created. Responses to that alert would either generate a new ticket or update the ticket you are replying to as long as the email address used is the one used for your account.

While it’s possible to spoof an email address to appear to be someone else sending an email, it’s not possible for someone other than the person we have sent an alert to, to respond to the said alert.

By requiring a ticket to be opened, we ensure that only the person that is involved in the ticket is able to reply. This authenticates your identity and allows us to take action on any requests.

What Is The Best Way Ensure My Updates are Acted Upon?

By opening and responding to your tickets through your client area when communicating with Technical Support or Billing.

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