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How to Create Account Packages in ZPanel

Follow these instructions to create account packages in ZPanel.   Login to your ZPanel Admin Page Click Package Manager under the Reseller section     Here you can enter all the details for the package you’d like to create Click Save    

How to Create a Client in ZPanel

How Do I Add a Client in ZPanel? Follow these instructions to create a client in ZPanel.   Before proceeding, ensure that you already have the package created that you want to use with this client.   Go to ZPanel and login Under the Reseller section select Manage Clients     Enter your desired username Enter…

Setting Up cPanel/WHM Packages

How Do I Create Packages In WHM For cPanel?   Setting up packages makes creating and managing multiple cPanel accounts easier.   Log in to WHM Go to Packages You can find this section by searching for the word “package” in the search bar Go to Add a Package     Name your package Define…