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How to Increase the Timeout in PHPMyAdmin

You can increase the session timeout in phpMyAdmin simply by following these steps:   Login to phpMyAdmin Select “Settings” from the top navigation bar Click “Features” Locate the “Login cookie validity” field Change the value for this field to something greater than 1440            

Resetting My WordPress Admin Password

How do I reset my WordPress admin password? You can reset your password several ways. It can be changed in your WP admin dashboard, from the admin login page or by changing it in your database. It will depend on if you just want to change it or if you’ve lost it and need a…

PHPMyAdmin Overview

What is PHPMyAdmin? The administration of a MySQL database throughout the internet is managed by a tool written in PHP called PHPMyAdmin.  The database itself is first setup in cPanel (or if you prefer, Plesk) but PHPMyAdmin manages its functions.  For example, PHPMyAdmin can create and alter databases. You can use it to add, edit, delete…