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Ticket Status

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When visiting your ticket status page through your Hostwinds Client Area by going to Support > Tickets in the menu bar, you’ll notice a ticket status column that indicates the Status of your tickets. We’ll visit each status and explain what it means in a bit more detail.

Ticket Statuses

The green Open marker

  • Open: A ticket marked as Open has just been opened and hasn’t been assigned to Hostwinds staff yet. This should change to On Hold soon after the ticket is filed when it is assigned to a memeber of the support staff.
Customer-Reply Marker for tickets, shown in Orange.
  • Customer Reply: A ticket marked as Customer Reply has just been replied to by you, and will be responded to by Hostwinds staff.
The Dark Blue, On Hold marker
  • On Hold: A ticket marked as On Hold is waiting for Hostwinds to begin working on. This is a normal state of the ticket when it is assigned to the staff and it will be attended to in the order it was received you will receive an update as soon as possible. 
The Red In Progress marker
  • In Progress: A ticket marked as In Progress is actively being worked on by Hostwinds staff. Commonly a response will be made when an update is available for the ticket.
The black Answered marker
  • Answered: A ticket marked as Answered was last replied to by Hostwinds staff and the work is complete, or the ticket is awaiting your reply.
The grey Closed marker

  • Closed: A ticket is marked as closed once the issue is resolved, the ticket is manually closed by you, or there has not been any activity on the ticket for a  long enough time.

My Ticket Was Closed, What Can I Do?

You can always reopen an Answered or Closed ticket simply by replying to it. This will put it back in On Hold status.

To perform this, click the Green box on the View Ticket page, and the reply box will expand to allow you type your response.

You can also reply and view the tickets in your email inbox if you are on the go, or the page is failing to load for you.

If the ticket page is failing to load, or you have not received the ticket by email, contact us in our LiveChat at the bottom right of the screen, and we will assist where we can.

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