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Tracking Affiliate Credit

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How do I track my affiliate credit?

Your affiliate credit is tracked through the links, banners and creatives provided to you within your affiliate dashboard.  Login in to your dashboard here to check out the various links and banners you can use. To successfully create a commission, a customer needs to follow your link through to our site, complete a checkout and purchase one of our hosting services.

Once the purchase is complete, your account is credited the commission. You’ll then be able to review the new commission in the Delayed section of the dashboard.



When a commission is first credited it is set to delayed because it needs to mature before final approval and payout. The entire commission approval process takes 60 days from the time of first being credited to your account until it is reviewed and approved for payout. You can continue to track the commission along this approval process through your dashboard as it moves from Delayed to Pending to approved (Current Commissions awaiting payout).

You can see the total amount waiting to be paid on your home page and request a payout if you’ve met the requirements. Click on the Request Payout button and your commission will be delivered via the method you chose to receive it.


What if I don’t see affiliate credit for a customer I sent?

Our link tracking software catalogs all the commissions you drive to purchase will be for review.


From time to time you won’t see every commission at payout when you request funds for a number of reasons.  Below are some of the more common reasons you may not see a commission appear that you think should have been credited:
TOS examples

Referrals are only counted if the user follows your affiliate link.
Common reasons for non commission

  • The user previously followed a another affiliate’s link prior to yours
  • The time between following your affiliate link and making a purchase was greater than 60 days (Our tracking cookies last 60 days)
  • The potential client followed your affiliate link, but only window shopped and never purchased
  • Instead of following your affiliate link, they simply went and Googled Hostwinds instead