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Allow Editing of Hidden/System Files

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Some files you want to edit may be hidden by default. A common file like this is the .htaccess file. You can choose to show these files in both cPanel and FileZilla by performing the following steps:


How do I Show Hidden Files in FileZilla?

Step One: Click Server at the top

Step Two: Click Force show hidden files from the dropdown

Showing the Force Showing Hidden Files option in FIleZilla

How do I Show Hidden Files in cPanel?

Step One: Go to File Manager

Showing the FIle Manager location in cPanel


Step Two: Click Settings (In paper lantern theme, this is a button at the top right)

Showing the Settings button in the cPanel File Manager


Step Three: Click the box for Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)

Step Four: Click Save

Showing the Preferences for the cPanel File Manager