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Definition of Advanced Icons

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The Advanced section in cPanel allows users to setup and manage more advanced functionality for their website(s).

The Advanced section in cPanel


This article will go over a brief explanation of the icons that can be found in the Advanced section of cPanel.


Advanced Icons in cPanel

Cron Jobs: This interface will allow you to create custom crons to help automate certain tasks.

Track DNS: This will allow you to perform a domain lookup or run a trace-route.

Indexes: The Index Manager allows you to customize the way a directory is viewed on the web.

Error Pages: You can create custom error pages for common error codes via this interface.

Apache Handlers: This interface allows you to add Apache Handlers to manage certain file types or extensions for your site(s).

MIME Types: Using this interface you can add custom MIME types to allow you to handle any new or existing technologies as needed.

Virus Scanner: This option will allow you to run a virus scan on any emails, the home directory, the public web space, and the public FTP space.